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This page is to help you gain clarity on why you are here, if tantra will meet your needs and how tantra can help you grow as a person.


Tantra is all about energy, it is not sex itself but kundalini and sexual energy that is the medicine healing you. It is also amazing for experiencing intimacy with yourself , in tantra we do practice holding and caring for those looking for a heart opening experience Many have lost touch with intimacy believing sex or sexuality is just about the end result of "getting off" desensitized by the world around us. Tantra is a shamanic practice that involves the art of please for repatterning and releasing trauma. Tantric massage can put you in a very vulnerable state. in tantric massage, the practitioner looks at your body as a whole entity, massaging every part of you. If you are already on a healing journey this can help relax and enjoy, let go of old patterns relieve tension, and unlock chakras and traumas. 
if you would like to book a consultation massage you can at 

if this isn't what you are looking for you can feel free to look at our other services !


Tantra is an ancient practice that has been rediscovered. Tantra is a way of life and a path to spiritual connection that can be experienced on any level from feeling good to the deepest connection with yourself, your partner, and God. Exploring the principles of tantric energy brings awareness and healing to all areas of life. I am certified in several different tantric practices (including Kundalini, Reiki, Intimacy Coaching, and Prana Healing) which gives me the tools needed to assist you in learning about your body, its responses and its needs. Tantric Massage is another way for us to focus on pleasure rather than release by creating an environment of trust and vulnerability that allows us to share openly in fun ways that don’t necessarily conform to mainstream ideas of sex.

There are 3 different sessions you may choose from after your consultation. It is usually better and more worth your time to do all four sessions.
Tantra is training in the art of pleasure not an immediate release of satisfaction. 
I Work with Women, Men and Couples.

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