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Embracing Love: The 7 Principles of Tantric Hermeticism

Dear Beloved Souls,

In the heart of the ancient traditions of Tantra and Hermeticism, we discover a profound wisdom that not only guides us through life but also teaches us how to dance in harmony with the universe. Today, I want to share with you the seven principles that underpin these sacred philosophies. These principles are not just words; they are the essence of love, creation, and the divine itself.

1. Everything is an Experiment

In the grand laboratory of life, we are all divine scientists. Tantra and Hermeticism remind us that every experience is a unique experiment. Through trial and error, we learn and grow. There are no failures, only lessons. Embrace the journey, for it is the path to self-discovery.

2. The Dance of Tapas and Spanda

At the heart of birth and transformation lies a dance between tapas, the container of our potential, and spanda, the divine life force that propels us forward. Just as a mother's womb cradles the growing life within, our containment and life force work together in a sacred union, birthing our transformation.

3. The Divine Duality Within

We are both the canvas and the artist, the creator and the created. Tantra recognizes the dual nature of every human being, a duality that mirrors Hermeticism's concept that God is both the All and the creator of the All. Within us, there is a beautiful interplay of the masculine and feminine, with each aspect further divided into two, giving birth to four sacred aspects of our being.

4. The Many Realities of Tantra

The everyday world may appear real, but both Tantra and Hermeticism teach us that there are deeper, more profound layers of existence. These traditions invite us to explore the realms beyond the mundane, to discover the truth that underlies the illusion of the "normal" world.

5. The Sacred Union of Ascending and Descending Currents

Like lovers meeting in divine embrace, Tantra speaks of the marriage of the ascending current (Shiva) and the descending current (Shakti). Hermeticism echoes this union in its principle, "As above, so below." It reminds us that we are the bridge between the spiritual and the material, a living testament to the union of the higher and lower realms.

6. The Awakening of Chakras

Within the subtle body, the chakras are the gateways to our inner divinity. Tantra teaches us that the rise of Kundalini Shakti awakens these centers, guiding us toward spiritual illumination. Just as Hermeticism calls for inner alchemy and transformation, we must turn our gaze inward to unlock the treasure trove of potential within.

7. Pleasure and Healing on the Tantric Path

At the heart of the tantric path lies the celebration of pleasure. Pleasure is a potent source of healing, and it is intrinsically connected to play. This principle is a beautiful reminder that joy, pleasure, and play are our birthright. They offer us healing, rejuvenation, and a deeper connection to the divine.

In closing, my beloved souls, these seven principles are not just concepts to be grasped with the intellect. They are the living essence of a path that beckons us to experience, embrace, and embody the wisdom of Tantra and Hermeticism. As we journey through life, may we find solace and inspiration in these timeless teachings, knowing that we are not just students but also the very embodiment of divine love and wisdom?

With all the love and light in my heart,

Yours Forever, Vanessa

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